The Sacred Sites of the Incas in and around Cusco, Peru, have been a special place for Shinnyo-en since 2014, when Her Holiness Shinso Ito visited the city to participate in a ceremony for Prayer for World Peace, which was held on September 14th, at Saksaywaman, an ancient walled complex on the northern outskirts of Cusco.

On September 2, 2016, a ceremony was held at the sacred Andean site of Qorikancha in Cusco, to commemorate and continue the Prayer for World Peace. A delegation of more than 300 spiritual leaders, representing a number of ancient faith traditions who share a commitment to collective healing and world peace, Andean, Christian and Buddhist practitioners, as well as civic leaders and local musicians, gathered to celebrate this ceremony.

Following to the sound of Andean Pututus and a Catholic choir, priests entered into the site. Andean priests offered their prayers at the sacred stone and practiced water ablutions at the sacred fountain followed by an ancient Andean fire ritual.

Father Alejandro Repullés, a Jesuit priest, offered prayers in Spanish and Andean Masters Hipólito Peralta Ccama and Froilán Torres Portilla chanted blessings in Quechua language.

As Father Repullés joyfully looked back at the Peace Ceremony, he said, “We had shared the strong feeling that we are all inter-connected.”